Sustainability & Seafood

By: Pacific Rich Resources

The Oceans Are Being Overfished:

The rates are alarming. Demand is growing rapidly, and fish populations in unregulated areas are decreasing fast.

The Future Of Fising Industry

There is a solution:

Regulating fishing rates allows for the supply of fish to replenish. However, if seafood suppliers don't transparently track the source of their seafood then, chances are that they are adding to the problem.


What Immediate Danger Is The Ocean Facing Now?

Sustainable development of local fisheries

Two years after FAO member states agreed to adopt a human rights-based approach to governing the small-scale fisheries in their countries, researchers invested in the development of small-scale fisheries have released a book outlining progress made in implementing those reforms and the challenges in doing so.

The book, “Small-Scale Fisheries Guidelines: Global Implementation,”  reviews countries' efforts thus far to implement the human rights-based principles, otherwise known as  Voluntary Guidelines for Securing Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries, at the local level. Comprising essays and case studies by more than 90 authors from academia, the FAO, and civil society, it also considers the need to contextualize the guidelines to fit local circumstances.

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New sustainably accredited seafood from Pacific Rich

Pacific Rich Resources launches  new line of sustainably accredited seafood in Hong Kong. Working with A S Watsons and its retail outlets, Pacific Rich will continue its push into the Hong Kong market with sustainably accredited seafood.

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